My graduation project for the bachelor Illustration of the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam

Front and back cover


'' Herbitrarium Modernica is a conceptual encyclopedia of plant-life which would exist in the future due to human intervention or in conjunction with mankind's presence on the planet.


They are either a result or the consequence of current trends, though shown in the context of the year 2248. They are told through the eyes of a fictional biomethematician and university professor traveling the world in his retirement, illustrating interesting plant-life he encounters on the way. After returning from his travels he demises premature to finishing his book, and an ex student takes on the job of finishing the encyclopedia before you.


All the plant-life shown and drawn is fictional, though based in existing plant-life and

substantiated with legit scientific research.


All plant-life is drawn not from example but through an attempt to understand the underlying geometry behind natural patterns, the concepts behind the plants tell a different story.


The story told is up to you to interpret. ''


The full book


felix Newhouse - 2017